Games and Activities to Engage Young Children

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May 13, 2014

Activites for Children to do at Home

  1. Art-related activities

Few things to keep it in the art kit

  1. Crayon set

2. Plain white sheets

3. Drawing book

4. Pencil

5. Eraser

6. sharpener

7. Child-friendly scissor

8. Colour papers

9. Some stickers

10. Fevicol or gum

11. Paint

12. Brush

13. Ice cream sticks


There are various painting activities which can be done

A. Fingerpainting

B. Thumbprinting painting

C. with your hands

D. Painting using cotton balls

E. Spray painting

F. Vegetable printing

G. Sponge painting

Basic shapes, fruits, and vegetables, animals and birds, basic things which we see around this can be drawn and art-related activity can be done by the child.

2. Clay modeling – playing with clay making vegetables and fruits, animals and birds and things around us

3. Sand play – sand painting, but the sun and making various shapes and imagination play

4. Water games – Sink and float concepts, changing the colour of the water, transferring the water using a sponge

5. Playing with toys

6. Physical play like running and catching hide and seek, playing with a cricket ball and bat throwing and catching balls jumping games

7. Storytelling

8. Rhymes and songs

9. Doing every day one or two household chores with the children is very important

10. Exercise games – basic exercises can be done together

11. Meal time – at least one meal time can be done together as a family

12. Picnic basket:  going to an outdoor activity like Park, Temple, holiday

13.  helping others and animals

14. Fixing a play date with other children

15. Cooking with children – at least once in a week


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